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Where We Focus

We focus on Connecticut – specifically, a Connecticut that is just, thriving, and optimistic, where race, income, geography, or other circumstance no longer predetermine opportunity.

We seek a Connecticut where all Connecticut residents can…

…nurture thriving kids


EARLY CHILDHOOD Education and Care

…live a self-directed and prosperous life


Financial well-being & Wealth building.

…avoid headwinds and recover when they happen


Economic security, Criminal Legal reform, & Health

…build for themselves a healthy and future-oriented community


HOusing, Democracy & Governance

As we launch our organization, we are listening and learning through both quantitative data and engaging people across the state. 

We are committed to continuous improvement of our focus areas and approaches to give ourselves and all Connecticut residents the best chance at realizing the Connecticut we seek. We are grateful for and welcome your feedback on this framing of the Connecticut we seek and any other aspect of our work at