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We work for a just, thriving, and optimistic Connecticut where race, income, geography, and other circumstances no longer predetermine opportunity.

The Connecticut Project brings together people, ideas, and resources to improve systems and generate real-world outcomes so that all Connecticut residents can achieve self-directed and prosperous lives.

We are a social change organization equipped with tools to align, invest, advocate, amplify, and inform to promote real-world outcomes Connecticut residents can see and feel. Practically speaking, our goal is to focus on solutions, using whatever tool makes sense.

While our initial year included a lot of listening and learning, we also dove into some concrete activities in order to develop our tools and our presence. This included work on child care business incubators, organizing to ensure public servants knew about the federal student loan forgiveness available to them, and support for the early voting ballot initiative. See the complete listing of our initial activities here.

We are very proud of our team, our advisors, and our board, who are purpose-driven, thoughtful, multi-generational Connecticut residents.

The Connecticut Project has both a 501c3 and a 501c4 arm. The Connecticut Project and The Connecticut Project Action Fund are organized, funded, and governed separately. Our team members work across both organizations depending on the issue and their expertise, using non-profit and philanthropic tools on behalf of the 501c3 organization and advocacy tools on behalf of the Action Fund.

We aim to contribute three distinctive things: first, a focus across all of Connecticut, including urban, rural, and suburban communities; second, the ability to use multiple tools to find and expand solutions, including creation, convening, advocacy, and philanthropy; and third, an orientation to both concrete outcomes and sustainable systems change.

We’ve engaged in a wide range of early actions, available here for TCP and here for TCPAF.

We are working to identify the best ways we can advance The Connecticut We Seek. This includes landscaping in a range of crucial areas – early childhood education and care, housing and community development, democracy and governance, jobs and economic security, and financial well-being and wealth building– to identify ways we can support systems change and better outcomes for all Connecticut residents.  We will continue to update our website as we take on new projects.