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Mercedes MacAlpine


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Mercedes is a Program & Strategy Associate with The Connecticut Project where her responsibilities include developing accessible and effective funding strategies for the organization’s collaborative change work, as well as establishing lasting relationships and channels of communication across the state.

Prior to her time at The Connecticut Project, Mercedes served as a Connecticut Public Ally, working on nutrition and physical education access in Hartford community schools with UConn’s Husky Sport program and Public Health department. Mercedes has also worked in communications and grant management at The Perrin Family Foundation, supporting youth organizing and social justice initiatives throughout the state. Mercedes also worked at the New Haven Public Library, supporting the early operation of the new Stetson branch in the Dixwell community’s Q House.

Why do you do the work?

Growing up, personal experiences showed me that though the harsh realities of life can disadvantage and divide us, we can also be transformed individually and collectively by sincere, deliberate and consistent efforts towards social change. While the former reality is my reason for doing the work, the latter is definitely my inspiration.

What are some specific places or things you love in Connecticut?

I really appreciate the variety of landscapes and places that are available for me to visit – hiking, nightlife, the waterfront and flower fields are all nearby – sometimes it’s easy to forget how many things you can experience all in the same state.