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Meghan Holden


Meghan headshot

Meghan is the Director of Marketing and Communications at The Connecticut Project, where she develops and implements the organization’s media, marketing, communications, and content strategies to directly engage with strategic audiences throughout Connecticut.  

She joins The Connecticut Project with more than a decade of experience working in nonprofit advocacy communications and development, including in the fields of reproductive justice, girls’ leadership and education, and civil rights and liberties. Before joining The Connecticut Project, Meghan was the Communications Director for the ACLU of Connecticut, where she guided and executed that organization’s strategic communications to advance liberty, justice, and equity in the state, and worked to elevate the advocacy and experience of people directly harmed by systems of oppression.  

Why do you do “the work?”    

Coming from the Quiet Corner, I’ve seen firsthand how many people and communities are left out of the opportunity to thrive. I’ve spent my career using words and images to fight alongside people whom the government has marginalized, because I have a deep-seated faith in the idea that when the power of the people holds the power of the pen, real, lasting change happens – not just in our laws, but in our culture. 

What are some specific places or things you love in Connecticut?    

The West Thompson Dam and Quaddick State Park hold special places in my heart, and I love the nooks and crannies of downtown Putnam and its many community events, the Audubon Center in Pomfret, and the magic of my local library.  

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