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Garth Harries



As the President and CEO, Garth works with the board, the staff, our partners, and community members to develop the ambitious vision for The Connecticut Project and leads the organization to translate that vision into reality.

Garth previously held leadership positions in the New Haven Public Schools, in the New York City Department of Education, and at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. He also co-founded an early childhood startup called Sparkler, and started his professional career at McKinsey & Company. He lives with his wife and sons on an operating organic farm in Ridgefield, CT.

Why do you do the work?

I believe in people: what we have in common as humans, the potential of every child, and by extension the fundamental strength of our communities. And I am infuriated by the systems, barriers, and biases that interfere with that potential. Throughout my career, through hope and hard work, I have seen outcomes improve and systems transform. If we show grace for each other, stubborn persistence against problems, and healthy doses of both urgency and humor, I believe we can mobilize shared prosperity and justice across Connecticut’s 169 towns.

What are some specific places or things you love in Connecticut?

I love Wooster Square in New Haven, where I used to live – taking a pizza into the park with my family or friends, walking my dog, or simply sitting on a bench at the end of a long day. I also love the organic farm where I live now, and its view across the Connecticut Hills – the same outlines every day, but infinitely and daily changing.