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Brigith Rivera



Brigith is an Engagement and Mobilization Strategist at The Connecticut Project. She is responsible for managing regional outreach, recruitment, training, and leadership development. She is responsible for assembling and leading local canvassing teams for direct neighbor engagement and input. Additionally, she serves as a key contributor on campaigns and convening teams to ensure The Connecticut Project’s policy solutions are in the interests of lower-income and asset-limited households.  

Brigith joins The Connecticut Project having previously organized in various local and statewide campaigns particularly in health justice, worker’s rights, and civic engagement. Prior to joining The Connecticut Project, Brigith served as a Community Organizer with Make the Road Connecticut, where she led a local campaign for improving health services and supported a state-wide campaign for expansion of the Medicaid program regardless of immigration status.  

Why do you do “the work?”    

When thinking about the reasons as to why organize, I imagine a room of individuals who hold institutionalized power making decisions on behalf of those in the neighborhood and community. 

Throughout my work I am committed to shifting that lens to not only have representatives be the ones making decisions but ensuring those who are most impacted are present in the space and voices are being heard.  

What are some specific places or things you love in Connecticut?    

I love to continue to explore and invest in my own city, the City of Hartford. Some of my favorite places are Semilla Cafe for a tasty coconut latte, Pan del Sinai for a quick breakfast sandwich, and Vista Alegre for delicious Peruvian food. 

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