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Amy Plocinik


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Amy is the Operations Coordinator at The Connecticut Project where she provides tactical support for the team’s operating systems and general functioning, including: finance, human resources, communications, and information technology.

Before joining The Connecticut Project, Amy worked in the financial services industry at Bridgewater and Rockefeller Capital Management supporting senior management and high net worth clients. She also spent time running operations for a small consulting start-up in Connecticut.

Why do you do the work?

I’m passionate about giving back to local communities. Originally from Pennsylvania, my parents involved me in volunteering efforts at a young age. I’m excited to serve neighbors across the state of Connecticut.

What are some specific places or things you love in Connecticut?

Connecticut has captured a part of my heart with its beautiful and quintessential New England landscapes and architecture. I love visiting Mystic (not just for the pizza), enjoying breweries across the state, and residing in the tight knit community of Black Rock.