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Adriana Arreola Joseph



Adriana serves as the Chief of Staff overseeing and implementing all general and administrative functions, continuously improving the organization’s operations, and supporting the overall growth of The Connecticut Project and its staff. In addition, she supports strategic planning and other organizational and operational improvements.

Adriana has over fifteen years of experience in the government, education and non-profit sectors focusing on program development and implementation, advocacy, and systems and operations. Prior to joining The Connecticut Project, she was the Chief Operating Officer at Clifford Beers, a network of behavioral health clinics in New Haven, CT and served as a Deputy Chief at New Haven Public Schools. Adriana lives with her family in North Haven, Connecticut.

Why do you do the work?

I have spent my career working for organizations that serve communities, families, and the systems that impact their daily lives. Through this work, I have witnessed the deep inequities these systems have created and the opportunity for change. I have hope that meaningful change can happen if we act collectively and put families at the center.

What are some specific places or things you love in Connecticut?

I love exploring every corner of Connecticut from the cities to the more rural northwest corner. My family and I love hiking at Kent Falls and Sleeping Giant, eating pizza in New Haven, and driving up the shoreline.